Fine Art 2023

Winners & Finalists Photo Contest

Photo by ©Francesca Meloni

For many years photography has been recognised as an artistic tool.
Photography is not a "simple" image of an exact instant, but each photograph tells much more than a moment.

Inside the frame there is the story of the photographer, emotions, experiences, what wants to tell.
Fine Art photography is an infinite space where a photographer can express creativity and art.

• Fine Art AWARDS •

The best 3 photographers will win the following prize:

1st Place
  • Free Entry the International Exhibition with n°3 submitted photo.
2nd Place
  • Free Entry for the winning photo (n°1) to entry the International Exhibition.
3rd Place
  • 40% OFF for the winning photo (n°1) to entry the International Exhibition.


1st Place

Francesca Meloni

Here I investigate the concept of Identity by staging an almost extraneous figure who shows how much personal identity escapes a rational categorization. We are made up of many parts and a global meaning of our Identity cannot be done, we're multiplicity.

2nd Place

Maia Franz
United States
I'm a fine art nude photographer based out of Taos, New Mexico.

Sunrise at Eureka Sand Dunes, Death Valley, California.

3rd Place

Sue Oakford
United Kingdom
Sue Oakford is a lifestyle and portrait photographer who also creates award-winning Fine Art images of Still Life and Landscapes/ Seascapes using natural light to create atmosphere and depth. Sue has recently been awarded the Emerging Artist 2021/22 by the Association of Photography and is selected to be part of the 2021/2022 ‘Best of Show Curatorial Selection’ at the International Photography Awards and awarded a 2nd place overall in the Still life Category. Additionally, Sue was awarded two Category Honourable Mentions at the 2021, 17th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for her landscape and still life images and also awarded a ‘Finalist Artist’ and Honourable Mentions in the Still Life, International Garden Photographer of the Year 2020 & 2021. Other international awards such as Monochrome International Photography 2020 & 2021 and the Fine Art Chromatic Colour 2020 have also recognised Sue’s work.
Gin & Tonic

This still life image of Peony flowers uses empty gin bottles and glassware of different shapes and sizes to display wilting and ageing blooms of a pastel palate. This gently and joyously depicts the aftermath of a party where there is always one who wants to continue to seek the light, shine and defy the inevitable whilst the wiser members of the bunch are prepared to skulk into the shadows.

4th Place

Sukhjeet Singh Gill
Hi, I am a Delhi based Street and Documentary Photographer who finds his Peace in Street Photography. Professionally I run a 40yrs old Wedding Photography company, which happens to be a Family Business. On Streets, I love to capture and document People, Places and Moments that fascinate me and give my viewer an insight on how I look at things happening around me and portray the story in my own style.
The Washerman

A skinny old man washing his clothes at the banks of river yamuna in Delhi and the migratory Seagulls in the background makes it a beautiful site. The chirping of the birds sounds like a symphony.

5th Place

Paul Crome
United Kingdom
My first love is astrophotography. I use a full spectrum camera so in the daytime I also enjoy working in infrared.
Aurora over Carn Brea

I had heard about the possibility of a rare sighting of the Aurora Borealis in Cornwall so went out on a particularly cold, clear night equipped with camera and cofee!
I couldn't actually see the aurora with the naked eye and was amazed to see what the camera was picking up!
As far as I know, this was the only startrail taken in Cornwall on that night, which managed to capture the aurora too.
I was also able to produce a timelapse using the 400 exposures taken over a 5 hour period. This can be seen on my website.

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Photography is not a "simple" image of an exact instant, but each photograph tells much more than a moment.
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Black and white is a different way of seeing the world. It is often thought that black and white is a simple technique to manage in photography, but it is not.
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