Winners & Finalists Photo Contest

Photo by ©Ingrid Strain

It's summertime, the best moment for photographer to take photos and leave creativity come up with an explosion of colors.
Summer holidays can bring you to amazing places with memorable moments, landscapes, sunset and sunrise that you can freeze with your camera and with your mobile phone and bring with you for ever.
Summer gives you many opportunities to grab your camera and create your best photos.

We invite you to share your summer experiences with us and our community participating to our new Photo Contest.
Describe how you see the Summertime by submitting 3 photos that are consistent with each other.

• Awards •

1st Place
  • Free Entry the International Exhibition with 3 winning photos (Value ÂŁ600,00).
2nd Place
  • 40% OFF for the winning photo to entry the International Exhibition.
3rd Place
  • 30% OFF for the winning photo to entry the International Exhibition.


1st Place

Ingrid Strain
Summer Mind

Summer is a state of mind. Warm, benevolent light illuminates the mind, skin and heart. Every particle in the air touches us gently and nothing seems to hurt us. The disturbances of the soul smell of sun cream. I am happy and this is my summer.

2nd Place

Roberto Ruoli
Copywriter and street photographer freelance with a passion for graphic design. 26 years old, born and raised through dance and theatre in my beloved Florence. I’ve been living in Rome for four years due to my work as a copywriter in GTB and I must admit it: Rome is the most beautiful city in the world, afterward Florence. I am a man of few words, but usually, the ones I use are the right ones.

In Italy "summertime" is synonymous with "sea". And in southern Italy "ammare" is the expression used to indicate that a person intends, or is already, at sea. In the Italian language, however, "ammare" also means "to love"; therefore, the literal translation could be "love of the sea". These photos are intended to represent the love that Italians feel towards their sea. The summer holidays, especially, represent a sacred moment, in which to pour on the coasts of the peninsula and to enjoy the own moments relax wet from the own blue friend. For this reason I wanted to tell this passion through shots in which time seems to stop and in which the colors, especially of the sky and the sea, explode in a sort of pop painting.

3rd Place

Valentina Ficacci
Yellow car

Yellow is the color of summer with empty cities, few people, few cars, little traffic.

4th Place

Antonio Perrone
I am an amateur and professional photographer and I am a university employee in the microwave and remote sensing field. I have been photographing for about 15 years and with the advent of digital I have become even more passionate. I have had some awards ranging from prizes in some competitions to some printed publications in magazines in the photography sector. In free time, in addition to photographing, I manage a photography portal: where I share ideas and photos with other enthusiasts. Since 2014 I hold the position of President of a Photographic Club based in Tivoli (Rome)
Life is Beautiful

Polignano al Mare, Puglia

5th Place

Sue Oakford
United Kingdom

Summertime 2021 was like no other. Travel bans were place, fear of Covid ruled and the complicated testing regime for overseas travel had overtaken the desire to seek out distant climes. So I holidayed in Suffolk, a beautiful county in the UK that I had never visited before.
I was struck by the tranquillity of life, the large open spaces and the calmness of the farmlands as the countryside readied itself for Harvest. This set of 3 black and white images are not loud and brash, they study the gentle passing of time over 7 days in the summertime.

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