Street Photography 2020

This is the right time for photographers to take their own camera and go back to the street to photograph people, places and/or small street details.


will participate for FREE
II° will participate with 50% Off.
III° will participate with 30% Off.
In our Exhibition
at London Photo Show 2021

Show us what you see out there, but above all show us how you see it.
You can play with colors, with shadows, with people, pets, work on the street and more.
Unleash your imagination and seize the life that teems in the streets of our cities and villages.

The contest is open to all types of photography and all levels of experience.

Amaze yourself and amaze us!

See you in London!

Furthermore the top five contest winners receive significant international publicity and extensive media exposure through our online promotional campaign and ArtFullFrame annual catalogue.

Our Jury

The finalists and winners of the Street Photography contest have been selected
by a jury made up of professional photographers, curators and photography experts.

Taking part in the contest is also an opportunity to show your work to experts in the world of photography. The awards include an exhibition in London at London Photo Show 2021, for second and third place discounts to participate in the same exhibition, promotion and visibility projects for the top ten photographers with global media coverage.

Our jury is looking forward to seeing your work!

Rick Cordell

Tutor & Photographer

United Kingdom

Experienced professional photographer specializing in editorial and corporate portraiture.
His corporate executive portraits, made him a frequent visitor to many of the capital’s top FTSE 100 company boardrooms.
He is a sessional tutor at the Shadwell Centre and IdeaStore Learning.
Responsible for technical support in both Printmaking and Photography at the Shadwell centre.
Rick has lectured at LCC, University of the Arts London, for fourteen years and taught on the BA (Hon) Magazine Publishing course for ten years, where he taught the Magazine Design and Production unit.
Course Director of the Diploma in Print Management (Print Media).
Currently he continues to teach Indesign and Photoshop on the LCC, UAL Short Courses.

Chiara Candellone Sticca

Art Curator & Architect


For her architecture and art have an inseparable link both for history and for technique.
In Rome she working with art galleries in close contact with contemporary artists.
In the art galleries she made her apprenticeship, but after a few she embarked on the profession of art curator, finding it more interesting to independently “cure” the artists by looking for their personalized display solutions, which could enhance their art, follow how to direct the set-up and write curators who would accompany the exhibition.
She has found and proposed special and unique talents, has created events in which music was the voice of the works and brought her artists (painters, photographers and sculptors) to museum spaces.
She is responsible and European referent of a Mexican pop artist Karla de Lara, winner among other things of the Venice Biennale.

Anna Kunst



Full-time award-winning photographer specialising in people, nature and landscapes.
Based in west London, she works throughout Europe, as well as exhibiting her works regularly. Her images have appeared in various publications such as the Children of London book, Country Life, London, Absolute Magazine, Darling magazine, wedding magazines and others.
Originally Dutch, Anna has had a varied career in book publishing, music and events management but always had the passion for photography.

ArtFullFrame Jury Rob Johns

Rob Johns

Tutor & Photographer

United Kingdom

He started his career as a press photographer, working for local and national newspapers before going freelance in 1998. Rob mainly focuses on corporate portraiture and editorial work now. Over the years he has worked for major charities and premium brands.
He is also a qualified teacher with a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching.
He loves to do street photography, observing life and capturing decisive moments.

ArtFullFrame Jury Elina Jokipii

Elina Jokipii

Art Teacher


Has been teaching photography, fine art and contextual studies for over a decade while also working as an artist tutor on several community based programmes.
Memory, reliving and re-enactment form an important part of my personal visual practice. I like to explore and retell stories that have been passed down, giving importance to events that I feel a connection to through the experience of others.

Luciano Calvani

Tutor & Photographer


Photographer for more than 40 years.
Specialised into portraits, street photography concerts and theatre, private and public events, action and movements photography, travel and journalism and social photography.
Author and digital photography and post production tutor for beginners and advanced levels with his workshop in Rome Italy.

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