Deadline Extended May 31st

Artfullframe, as English/Italian photographers association, is concerned about GloCal (Global/Local) well-being and health around the World. During these unprecedented times, we believe that a positive distractions make a significant difference for our Photographers friends around the world. We want to help all of you to win the anxiety and stimulate you to stay at home and win this war against COVID-19.


I° & II° will participate for free:

In our Exhibition
With 2 photos per each
At Barge House Gallery London
In October 2020


Submission deadline
May 31, 2020

So we are launching a new photo contest #STAYATHOME and DON’T FORGET, where each of you can keep on your photography creativity, taking photos from your balcony, Still Life photo, Using your family as models.

Because we want to involve everybody to win the COVID-19 Battle, we decided to open this photo contest not only for professional Photographer but also for Mobile Photography, this will help all of you to spend your time at home and keep your mind busy using your creativity and sharing this with your family.

Furthermore the top five contest winners receive significant international publicity and extensive media exposure through our online promotional campaign and AFF annual catalogue.

This contest is over

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