Dario Binetti

Io è l'altro • "I is the Other"

Solo Exhibition

London Photo Show2022

Bargehouse Gallery

London, 2022
Barge House St, South Bank, London SE1 9PH
October 13, 2022
October 16, 2022
Floor 2 • Room n°8
Opening hours
Every day 11.00 • 18.00

ArtFullFrame presents the new photographic work of the Italian artist Dario Binetti. "I is the Other" is a photographic project that combines poetry, philosophy and photography.

Dario is an Italian photographer who brings philosophy into photography. In the project "I is the Other" he is able to portray the evolutions of the soul with light. He removes the color to give drama and depth to the images.

The title of the project refers to "Je est un autre" by the poet Arthur Rimbaud, who in some of his letters asserts that the self is another, not using the je suis (I'm) specifically to distance himself from a “I” who identify with himself. Binetti, based on what was stated by Rimbaud and other authors, believes that the “I” should not be identified with the interiority, but rather that it is the sum, the representation of constant contact with the Other. We do not therefore speak of identification in the interiority but rather in the exteriority meant as form, as matter.

Our “I” is built daily, through material and immaterial interaction with the Other. The “I” is constantly evolving, it is never the same. It meets and clashes with the Other constantly thus creating its "otherness" by coming out of the cage of individuality that does not represent the essence of the “I”.

The project “I is the Other” could be divided into three projects, which represent the three evolutionary phases of the “I”. "I with myself", "I in relationship with the other", "I and the collective conscience".

Dario Binetti

Solo Exhibition Catalogue
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Io con se stesso • "I with myself"

Io in rapporto all'altro • "I in relationship with the other"

Io e la coscienza collettiva • "I and the collective conscience"

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Dario Binetti
Solo Exhibition
October 13, 2022
ArtFullFrame presents the new photographic work of the Italian artist Dario Binetti. "I is another" is a photographic project that combines poetry, philosophy and photography.
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