London Photo Show 2020



Bargehouse Gallery

Barge House St - South Bank - London SE1 9PH
Oct 15, 2020
Oct 18, 2020
17 Photographers
41 Original Photos

The London Photo Show is a great opportunity for new photographic talents from all over the world, to showcase their work in the most important European capital for photography and network with public, media and industry professionals.



Ann Backx

I’m a Belgian photographer with a predilection for abstract and creative nature and landscape photography. Walking is the basis of my passion for photography. With the greatest respect for nature, I make creative images, with post-processing reduced to a minimum. I made these photos in the summer of 2019 and the technique I used was overexposing and underexposing while photographing, in the postprocessing I turned the photos into black and white.

Fabio Bartone

I attended art school with the aim of working as a cartoonist. After graduation, I lost interest in comics and painting techniques, which are outdated and too long to create. I worked as a clothing salesman. My passion for photography began with a small compact digital camera, developing during travels to European capitals. I understood that “painting” already exists in nature and that the photographer’s ability lies in identifying and framing it, delivering it to history. In this path I discovered that I suffer from a very strong Metempsychosis that leads me to relive episodes that occurred in my previous life. I changed jobs by joining the multinational giant Ikea. At the same time I started photographing events, concerts in particular (Daniele Silvestri, Subsonica, After hours, Negramaro, Blonde Redhead and others). With the end of the Ikea experience I chose to settle in Rome to continue my photographic research and turn it into a job. I have collaborated with some web magazines who have used my images for their articles. The precariousness of the Italian capital led me to live as homeless, continuing to photograph with very humble devices in search of the true beauty of Rome, hidden by a sort of distortion. Thanks to Federica Glorioso and her Associazione Cristallo (which helps the homeless) I came into contact with Art Full Frame and I met Stefania Rosiello who, as a professional photographer, saw something interesting in my self-taught shots. I finally see the end of a nightmare, thank you very much.

Klaus Bo

I am an autodidact professional freelance photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. From the very beginning of my career, I have been focusing on social and cultural stories, documenting on many different issues, including Iraqi refugees living in Syria, the Coptic garbage city in Egypt, the masked women of southern Iran, the Holi festival in India, the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, refugees in Tunisia fleeing Libya and many more. I have been working with organisations like CARE (Niger, Nepal), Doctors Without Borders (Haiti) and lately with Danish Refugee Council (Iraq, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti). In 2010/2011 I began working on what has become my life’s work – the Dead and Alive Project, documenting death rituals and how we relate to death around the world. Until now, I have been photographing death rituals and stories related to death in Greenland, Haiti, Guatemala, The Philippines, Nepal, India, Ghana, Madagascar, Indonesia, Israel and Denmark. The Dead and Alive Project is an ongoing project, which I probably will continue working on until my own death.
Dead and Alive Project
In some places – like Denmark – death is taboo, in other places, death and the deceased are natural parts of the life of the living. The background for this project is also the desire to show how death rituals often reflect life. With a selection of different death and burial rituals, people gain insight into how much any given culture’s values, hopes and dreams are reflected in their thoughts about death and life after death, and how differently we treat our dead from culture to culture.

Ángel Castillo Perona

United Kingdom
Ángel Castillo Perona was born in Madrid (1975) With a good eye for photography, he started to grow a strong passion for photography, developing and perfecting techniques, which combined his love of impressionist art and his skill in photography, which does not rely on software manipulation. He finds inspiration in the beauty of natural elements in urban settings, which is often over-looked and missed by city dwellers rushing past. Strong, vibrant colours and lighting are common in his work but his techniques provide an intriguing perspective, which blurs the line between photography and impressionist oil painting.


Contemporary and Visual Artist, Gus born in a small town in northern Spain. He was attracted to art and photography from a very young age, inspired by great impressionist photographers and painters such as Cartier-Bresson, Adams, Van Gogh, Monet and Renoir. Combining a variety of photographic techniques, especially multiple exposure, photocomposition and Matte Painting, Gus takes us on a magical journey to the depths of his imagination. Using an ancient natural technique, mixed with today’s photographs, their images are composed of multiple layers, carefully executed and visually delightful. Soft touches of color give his creations a dreamlike atmosphere. He often incorporates people in his works, as he considers human beings to be a fundamental part of our environment. These ethereal themes seem to vanish into thin air in front of the viewer’s eye. Endowed with a thoughtful and contemplative aura, standing front one of his artworks is like a meditation. His Creative Editions do not leave you indifferent, contemplating them is like entering a dream, letting yourself go and enjoying a world of magic and illusion.

Vincent Lambert

Vincent Lambert, 21 years old and of French nationality, I am passionate about the world of the image since my youngest age. My school curriculum was entirely dedicated to photography and audiovisual practice. Having finished my schooling for 2 years, I organized my free time in order to establish a real curiosity and experimentation of a professional life in the field of the image. Since then I have managed to acquire a practice and a look at my profession. After several years of discovery and practice. Today, I am marking a real evolution and an important recognition in a career that has only just begun. 1st Place #STAYATHOME ArtFullFrame contest.
This confinement was a real revelation in my work. Indeed, I wanted to take advantage of my free time to experiment with the photo- editing technique. I found a real link between my achievements and the current global situation related to COVID-19 that allows me to express a certain madness in the realization of my montages. This photographic technique is endowed with a great diversity whose objective is to visually show the state of mind of a person during the confinement of COVID-19.

Emanuela Laurenti & Francesca Maceroni

Emanuela Laurenti is a freelance photographer based in Rome, co-founder of Bianco Laboratorio Permanente d’immagine After a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, she specialized first in Photoediting at the Scuola Romana di Fotogra fia and then in Publishing, Journalism and Communication at the University of Roma Tre. Always passionate about visual arts, she deepened her photographic studies by attending various courses and workshops. Among the teachers: Ricardo Cases, Federico Clavarino, Max Pinckers, Jeffrey Ladd, Gregoire Pujade-Lauraine, J Carrier, Jason Fulford, Eloi Gimeno, Ed Panar, Hans Gremmen. From October 2015 to May 2016 she attended the AM Modern Documentary Photography held by Massimo Mastrorillo at D.O.O.R ACADEMY. In 2017 she also participated in the Production Process of a Photographic Book workshop held by the photographer Rafal Milach and book designer Ania Nalecka. In March 2018 she attended the Master BOOK held by Antonio Xoubanova, Ricardo Cases Massimo Mastrorillo. She works on social and other topics with a conceptual and intimate view, ranging from digital and analogue techniques. Francesca Maceroni is a freelance photographer based in Rome. After obtaining the B.A. in Communication Studies at Alma Mater Studiorum University in Bologna, and the M.A. in Journalism at La Sapienza University in Rome, she fully got into photography, obtaining a Master Degree in Photojournalism at Romeur Academy and a II level master in New Languages of Documentary Photography at 001/ DOOR Academy both in Rome. Since then, she works as a freelance photojournalist collaborating with different magazines. In March 2018, she attended the Master BOOK held by Antonio Xoubanova, Ricardo Cases and Massimo Mastrorillo. She is really interested in social issues and she concentrates the majority of her work about documenting through photo essays different kind of problems. She is particularly focused on migration related issues.
At night in Flamingos Fly
At night flamingos fly. They move in groups, making long journeys. For Hindus, they are the symbol of the soul that migrates from darkness to light. Light is hope, dark is fear. Hope is what keeps you alive, which led you to leave, to try to save yourself, your children, your own kind. It is the food of survival instinct, is the reason why thousands of people every day flee from their cities, their homes. The dark is what they have seen and experienced, but it is also the color of the trip. The barges that depart from Turkey to land in Lesbos sail the sea at night, trusting in the coverage offered by the darkness. They arrive on the banks of the island at first light of the sunrise, and the cycle begins again. A new day, a new light, a new beginning. And then the night. Again. Flamingo, flamenco… these names origin from Latin and Greek languages, and translated mean “purple wings” or “blood red wings”, “wings like flames”. And in the reddish waters of Kallonis’ salt pans it is easy to see these groups of beautiful and proud birds. You can not be very close, a natural barrier is protecting them, isolated on the island. The similitude is clear and immediate. But the flamingos are free to go whenever they want. Migrants don’t. They arrive and remain there, stuck in fields too small to hold them all. The beaches of Lesbos are transformed from the promised land to infinity deadlock. And the European dream fades. They are surrounded by barriers too, but made of other different materials than grass and ground. For them, there are brick walls and cultural limitations, terror of the unknown and political manipulation. They arrive and remain. They are not free to leave, but if they want they can come back. In Syria, which no longer exists, in Pakistan where the Taliban are waiting for them, in Afghanistan and Iraq under the bombs of Daesh. They can do it, but cannot be reunited with loved ones already arrived in northern Europe. Because it is easier to return. Many Member States do not want them. Let them to be a Turkish problem, let’s leave that Greeks and Italians help them. They can just wait. A endless, tremendous, deadly waiting. A slow agony that does not allow to look beyond, to forget the horrors they fled, that does not give them a chance to start over. And in dreams, at night, the monsters of the past repopulate the mind. Mothers raped, brothers tortured, houses destroyed by bombs, maimed children. The nightmare does not end, even worse. The psychological repercussions are incalculable and they become increasingly vulnerable, stripped of everything, including dignity and identity. But go ahead, do not stop, keep coming. And they are stopped halfway between despair and the right of welcoming. It can take months, even years, before the system collapsed decides their fate. So they wait helpless, spectators of the world’s inhumanity, and live this “no life.” An existence suspended, totally dependent on the discretion of others. They just have to adjust and wait, because return is not an option.

Jennie Meadows

United Kingdom
Born and based in London, Jennie is a photographer and artist who challenges the limits of photography. Jennie does not view photography as a unitary medium, but one that can be utilised to produce innovative artistic works. Jennie’s work also uniquely considers visual aesthetics and the realisation of the subconscious by revealing the unseen. Jennie’s photographic specialisms are abstract and portrait photography printed on traditional and non-traditional substrates. In addition to this photography, Jennie produces short films using time-lapse and hyper-lapse photographic techniques. Jennie is currently undertaking her MA Photography at University of Brighton having studied at Richmond Art School qualifying with an HNC in the subject. Jennie is also a Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. All work is bespoke and professionally printed to order or commission-based.
Moments of Eternity
In a time of self-isolation and social distancing, Moments of Eternity encapsulates the disconnected connections between individuals. As with trees, there is an invisible network of communication that enables society to continue working together. These ethereal and surreal images also signify how the ‘normal’ has shifted and viewed in a different way. They also convey the uncertainty of what the new ‘normal’ will be. Captured between 29 April and 21 May 2020, the series was created from photographs of trees during Jennie’s walks in Bushy Park, London, while experiencing lockdown.

Anna Kunst

United Kingdom
Anna is a professional photographer born in Holland. She was brought up in various countries around the world and eventually settled in London and made her life here. With a diverse background in the book publishing and music world, she eventually turned her passion for photography into her profession. Drawn to simplicity, she finds beauty in emptiness, stark landscapes, barren rooms, and aims to draw out the most from the least. A lover of shallow depth of field and natural light, she specialises in portraiture. But is equally passionate about her personal photography, experimenting in impressionistic images, landscape, nature and street photography. She has worked throughout Europe, published her images in various major publications. She exhibits and sells her work, and has won a few prizes along the way.

Francesca Menghini

I’m Italian photographer born in 1987 and I am based in Amsterdam. As a photographer, I have a thing for portraying people with the purpose to capture a real self. I’ve decided to focus a big part of my time working on projects that explore themes about social activism, especially regarding human rights and sustainable development.

Federico Imperiale

Born in Genoa, Italy in 1989, Federico Imperiale is a photographer and music composer currently based in Los Angeles. After starting his studies in Cinema while accomplishing his first projects as director and music composer, in 2014 Federico decided to pursue a career in photography. Federico currently works as unit still photographer on short and feature movies and continues to develop and promote his portfolio as a fine art photographer; he has published two bodies of work: Subveil (2017) and Projections (2018).

Pedro Magellan Lopes

Mr. Magellan is the visual pseudonym to the multifaceted Portuguese artist Pedro Lopes, by creating somewhat of an artistic extension of himself and his public persona, the artist also allows for more experimentation and transgression visible in his body of work. Pursuing a mixture of surreal and abstract natures with a minimalist but conceptual composition, Mr.Magellan drags us to his own world, where the society dogmas are taken as something plastic and ready to get discarded. Where sensitive subjects are always on the table, asexualising the human being and seeing life as the most precious thing in the Universe. He invites you to revisit the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not in the era’s standards. His chameleonic process is in constant evolution, jumping between digital and analog photography, he demonstrates that a lens can show way more than just reality. Working with fashion brands, make up artists and music bands, he is constantly looking for projects where he can apply his view in order to amaze or shock the audience. Currently based in Oporto, Portugal – the place where he was born and raised.

Franco Orlando

I was born in Genoa (Italy) on October 10th, 1967 and live in Tivoli (Rome) with my wife and two children. I work in telecommunications and in my spare time I practise photography as a hobby. I began working about thirty years ago with analog SLR cameras, then moved on to digital and currently use a full frame digital SLR camera. I have made many shots, especially for landscape photos, portraits and still life. From some years I have joined the FUORIFUOCO photographic club in Tivoli, where I have been able to expand and improve my photographic knowledge. It is fascinating to look at the world through a lens and seeing in a different way what I usually have in front of my eyes. The paradoxical sensation of breaking into something that I observe, while remaining outside, is astonishing. For this reason, I always try to experiment something different, which allows me to capture and shoot the exact moment that does not leave anyone looking at my photographs indifferent. 2st Place #STAYATHOME ArtFullFrame contest.
Daily kick
In this difficult period, when most of us were forced to stay at home, two things gave me energy every day: a good coffee prepared by my wife, with the dedication of those who perform an act of love in every little action, and my children, who found a way to enlarge the domestic walls with the light-heartedness of their age, by playing soccer in our living room as if they were in a stadium.

Luis Rubim

United Kingdom
Luis is a street&press photographer as well as a multidisciplinary artist based in London. His work approaches the human and narratives of a humanistic character. His work has been featured, published and exhibited internationally, most notably at Art Basel Miami and featured in the British Journal of Photography. As a cartoonist, Luis is making a return to the art after a long hiatus, of mainly personal work however he has had work recently exhibited at the Festival of Economy of Trento in 2018, under the theme “Technology and Jobs”. Luis loves the natural and free expression of pencil and paper but has started to engage in digital techniques striving to strike a balance between the two mediums for greater expression. Luis currently explores code to create engaging, interactive art and physical objects, exploring play and mimicry.

Kean Tyrone Tagaro

United Kingdom
Portrait and fashion photographer based in London, UK. I specialize in visual arts inspired by far eastern twists particularly with cosplay. • UK Nationwide prints Published Photographers MYM Magazine Issue 28 (June 2014), NEO Magazine #135 (April 2015), NEO Magazine #146 (March 2016), MYM Magazine Issue 67 (October 2017), NEO Magazine #168 (September 2017), EDITH Magazine Canada #115 (April 2020), PUMP Lifestyle Magazine Look Book Vol.1 (May 2020), Cosplay Realm Magazine #40 (August 2020) • Photography Exhibitions FUJIFILM Printlife – New York City, USA Grand Central Station October 2019 “Fate Grand Order – Violet Evergarden – Re:Zero” FUJIFILM: “My Life” – London, UK Old Truman Brewery October 2019 Cosplay Showcase Feature 3 Winning Entries

Ansje Visser

Photography is a form of meditation for me. Strolling around on your own and let you eye lead you is very relaxing and also exciting. Travel, nature, everyday life, underwater world and reflections are my favourite themes. I organize photo walks, give photography lessons, teambuilding activities and photo coaching. I enjoy it very much when students go from just looking to seeing an interesting image during the lessons. Everything is photographable as long as you get an interesting angle. I developed a coaching method for people through photography. It is like creative therapy. For example I worked with a group of people with incipient dementia. They were so proud when we ended the photography course with and exhibition. Writing is my other passion. I am an author of 6 children’s books, 1 poem book, 3 life stories and several photography books. Between 2013 and 2020 I had 5 exhibitions and events of free work. Creativity is essential in my life, a necessity. Besides my work as a photographer and writer I also work as coordinator for a health care organization in Amsterdam.

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