Bargehouse Gallery

OXO Tower Wharf

Barge House St, South Bank, London SE1 9PH

Number of the London Photo Show edition 2019
• Over 400 prints on the walls
• 60 photographers.
• Over 3000 people come to see the exhibition.

Art Full Frame took part in the London Photo Show 2019 with 17 photographers from Italy and UK.
The exhibition took place at the Bargehouse Gallery – OXO Tower in London’s Southbank.
The London Photo Show is a great opportunity for talented photographers from around the world to showcase their work in in the most important European capital for photography being London, and network with members of the public, the media and industry professionals.
The breadth and quality of the work was greater than ever. The exhibition even got mentioned in The Sun. Visitor numbers were higher than ever this year.

Art Full Frame Photographers


Patrizia Dottori

Patrizia Dottori, born in Rome, is a photographer since 1986 and works between Rome and Buenos Aires. “I shoot like an artist and I think like a photographer” for this reason she defines her photographic genre “artistic reportage”. The projects are born, mostly, discovering what she wants to tell and how, through her shots: a search between meanings and emotions of reality not immediately recognizable.
She has exhibited, since 1990, in Italy and abroad, including in Budapest, New York, Havana, Tehran, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Paris, Moscow, Novigrad, Istanbul, Rome, Buenos Aires, Genoa, Turin and received numerous awards and special mentions in Italy and in Paris, Los Angeles, New York, London and Moscow.


Marta Petrucci

Marta Petrucci is a young Italian freelance photographer. In 2007, after graduating at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome, she moves to Los Angeles, where she explores the photographic technique by participating in several workshops taught by world-class photographers like Sam Abell of National Geographic and many others.


Emanuele Tetto

I started photographing when I was a teenager. Photography has always remained with me even though for many years it was just a pastime. When I met my wife, she convinced me to work on my passion, because she always believed in my talent. So I decided to buy my first SLR Canon 1100 D and a new computer to work on my photos. I began to study and since then I have not stopped.

The photographer’s responsibility is to transform ideas into images, and that is not always easy.


Anna Kunst

Anna Kunst is a full-time photographer specialising in people, nature and landscapes. Based in west London, she has won a few photographic awards along the way, and her images have been used in various publications such as Country Life, Absolute Magazine, Darling magazine, wedding magazines and others.
Passionate about her art, she is always on the lookout for that rare photographic moment, and employs various techniques such as double exposure, slow shutter speeds, ICM and textures, to draw out the best from nature. Climbing cliffs in stormy weather, getting up at dawn, and trekking through glaciers are just a part of the fun!
Originally Dutch, she has lived in various countries worldwide and had a varied career in publishing, music and events management but always had the passion for photography, processing her film in the bathtub and hiring dodgy darkrooms. As a jobbing photographer she shoots events, weddings and corporate jobs throughout Europe. She is currently working on the wonderful Children of London book project alongside Richard Bradbury with proceeds going to the Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Antonio Perrone

I am an amateur photographer and I am an university employee in the microwave and remote sensing field. Photographer for about 15 years and with the advent of digital I became even more passionate.
I have had some awards ranging from awards in some competitions to some paper publications in magazines in the photography sector.


Alessandro Volpino

Born in Turin, Italy, Alessandro Volpino started to be interest in photography since he was a child, starting with an old-school camera thirty years ago, when cameras still working only with photographic films, borrowed from his relatives and using dozens of disposable cameras.
The world is his studio and everything can be photographed.
There is no such thing as an unphotographable subject: beauty can be found in all places and everyone is a subject: beauty contrasts, in singularities and in naturalness.
Already exhibited various times in the past, but this is his first professional exhibition.


Stefania Rosiello

Borns in Rome in 1977. She approaches photography as an art form in adulthood. From 2013 she began to experiment with photographic techniques such as light painting and double exposure. At first using herself as the only subject and taking in the intimacy of her apartment. In this period photography has represented for her a form of catharsis that has helped her to overcome inner barriers that have “suffocated” her for years.
Thus laying bare the most intimate parts of his inner self.
In July 2015 she decided to get involved and exhibited some of her photos at the Flyer Art Gallery in Rome. Also in 2015 she exhibited his first solo show at Buonvicino during the 2015 Pollino Festival. Since then she has exhibited in several group exhibitions in Rome, Malaga, Basel, London, Copenaghen and New York.


Maurizio Cecchini

Maurizio Cecchini is an Italian London based photographer whose work in worldwide locations has produced striking and revealing landscape photographs set in Asia, The Americas and Europe.
Maurizio has recently returned from exhibiting his work in Bologna where his series of photographs around Traditional Fairy Tales and Religious subjects references classical painting in its composition.
However set in a contemporary context they subvert expectation.
Familiar narratives are taken into a disonant satirical realm that is beguiling, they are beautiful to look at, but simultaneously robust, challenging and politically controversial.
They challenge the viewers comfortable accepted norms.


I Fotomani

The Fotomani group was born on Facebook in the summer of 2011 thanks to the initiative of its founder and organizer Luciano Calvani, with the aim of sharing the passion and photographic experiences among appassionated of all ages and all levels, including those who begin to discover this fascinating world. Nowaday it has some hundreds of subscribers, distributed between Rome and various provinces throughout Italy.

Our motto is a phrase of Henri Cartier-Bresson:
It is an illusion that the photos are taken with the camera. They are made with the eyes, the heart, the head.

Luciano Calvani

Founder of the photography group “I Fotomani”. he was initiated into photography by his father, at the age of 7, when he gave him a tiny Japanese camera, which he still jealously holds. Even his first darkroom was a gift from his father. Hence his unchanged passion for B&W. he worked mainly in the field of portraits, theatrical performances, concerts, catalogs of products and artistic artefacts but also for sporting events, especially in rugby, his second passion.

I like to portray people on the street, when they are relaxed or as an involuntary protagonist of funny and amusing sketches.

Maria Cristina Mastroeni

She lives in Rome. One of her passions is travelling, in her life she tried to capture images and situations during her travels around the world.

Photography is and remains a my pure passion, because the heart sees things that reason obscures.

Paola Brannetti

She lives in Rome, Italy. She has always had a passion for the visual arts, she loves and admires dispassionately the works of the Impressionists and since she was young she likes to paint in oil, until she discovered photography. Taking pictures is now her way of being, and for this reason she almost never leaves her camera.

Every day there are images that can arouse emotions and feelings, and I want to make them my own forever.

Marco Calvani

He was born in Rome, where he currently lives. Architect and supporter of photographic literacy among university and post-graduate study subjects. When he was a university student he organized and conducted courses and workshops of the University Photographic Group of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He also organized contests and group exhibitions.

In photographing I prefer the use of black and white and the square frame. I usually portray everything that intrigues me or that can reveal, with observation, new hidden forms.

Simona Calvani

Born in Rome, she is a self-taught photographer with a degree in Furniture and Interior Architecture. She started to take conscious steps during her university studies, when she attended the workshop courses organized and led by her brother (Marco Calvani). She has participated in several photo contest organized among the students and group exhibitions in the Faculty of Architecture of Valle Giulia in Rome. The photographer friends consider her a “fussy” in the shots, but for her it is a compliment.

I love the portraits, the details and the shots that show the relationship between man and the environment.

Emma Downing

Rimington, England
I’m English but have lived and worked in Rome for over 20 years. I started taking photos in 2011 and spend a lot of my free time doing it both in Rome and whilst traveling for work or for pleasure.

Maurizio Caronia

He was born in Palermo but has lived in Rome since childhood. He approached photography by following in his father’s footsteps, and by acquiring scrupulously, in an amateur way, an eye and photographic techniques expanded by a passion that grows over time.

Sandro delle Fratte

Born in Rome, Italy. some years ago he started to approach photography, for him photography is mainly a pretext, to try new experiences.

Photography is technical but above all eye, knowing how to see details or glimpses that a distracted eye is not known.

Mauro Eberspacher

He lives in Rome, his greatest passions are photography, along with sports, information technology, theater and music. But today photography is his primary passion.

I photograph anything out of passion, without becoming attached to a particular genre.

Stefano Marcovaldi

Lives in Rome. Photographing for him has always been to seize the moment and portray the people around him, in particular moments and ways, intimacy, curiosity, work and many other nuances. Always looking for images, in B & W and colors, where the dynamic range is as wide as possible and above all where there is ample legibility.

Showcased Photos