Decisive Moment

Willesden Gallery

95 High Rd,
London NW10 2SF, UK

May 5th to May 18th, 2021

Mon. To Fri. 10.30-16.00
Sat. 10.30-16.00
Sun. 12.00-16.00

Decisive Moment

It’s a photo exhibition that puts together various styles of photography proposed by very different artist.
Each photographer has followed a different path from one another, each has his own history and each has a different perspective on life, but all have in common the ability to grasp the suspended and decisive moment.
The Decisive Moment is what occurs when the visual and psychological elements of people briefly meet in perfect resonance, expressing the essence of that situation. ‘The Decisive Moment’ also happens as the photographer decides to raise their camera, compose the frame and press the button… click. Each photographer follows a different path, each has their own story and a different way of looking at life, but what they all have in common is what we define as the suspended moment.

In every breath there is an almost imperceptible apnea between inhalation and exhalation (and vice versa). In that moment everything stops, the suspended instant is created, and this is captured by the photographer. Photography is born in the apnea phase, the photographer shoots holding their breath to freeze the moment, to concentrate everything into what is seen through the eyelet. Everything is still, everything is suspended. In that suspended moment, the photographer and camera become one. The image in front of them is composed in the perfect frame and the story is ready to be told.

The Decisive Moment is a photographic exhibition that tells of this suspended moment, that apnea held by the photographer. The exhibition, organised by agency Art Full Frame, brings together photographers from across the globe, each with the desire to share their unique vision of reality. ‘The Decisive Moment’ is a collection of stories, presented in different styles. In some images, colour will be the protagonist of the story, whilst in others the story will live through the drama of black and white.

Willesden Gallery

The photo exhibition will be hosted by the Willesden Gallery in North West London.
The Gallery is fast becoming one of the main places to see an eclectic range of high quality art from established and emerging artists. The gallery boasts a series of successful exhibitions, visited on average by 4,000 visitors, in most cases they represented a great launching pad for many artists, resulting in sales, new commissions and future exhibitions.

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Our Photographers

Fabio Bartone


He attended art school with the aim of working as a cartoonist. After graduation, he lost interest in comics and painting techniques, which are outdated and too long to create.
He worked as a clothing salesman. His passion for photography began with a small compact digital camera, developing during travels to European capitals.
He understood that “painting” already exists in nature and that the photographer’s ability lies in identifying and framing it, delivering it to history.
In this path he discovered that he suffers from a very strong Metempsychosis that leads him to relive episodes that occurred in his previous life.
He changed jobs by joining the multinational giant Ikea. At the same time, he started photographing events, concerts in particular (Daniele Silvestri, Subsonica, After hours, Negramaro, Blonde Redhead and others).
With the end of the Ikea experience he chose to settle in Rome to continue his photographic research and turn it into a job. He collaborated with some web magazines which used his images for their articles.
The precariousness of the Italian capital led him to live as homeless, continuing to photograph with very humble devices in search of the true beauty of Rome, hidden by a sort of distortion.

Monika Blanka Katterwe


Since 2016 she has been working as an artistic-scientific photographer. The basis is nature observations, experiments and studies of scientific literature. Using her many years of experience and knowledge in the interdisciplinary project work, she deals more intensively with the nature and the characteristics of light in her independent activity. The Astrophysical Institute in Potsdam offers her the opportunity to use their library on specific Thematic aspects. Her prime focus is on the nature and the characteristic of light.
An own special collection on the history of photography and the associated research enabled her to appropriate different photographic techniques. Together with master photographer Rainer Jordan, she was able to try these out in his studio. Since then, she has been developing her own form of visualization of scientific knowledge in the form of experimental photography.
Using the Tyndall effect, she started with visualizing the beam path in different media. In addition, the interaction of light with crystals has attracted her attention. Which led to experiments with self-made photo plates. As result, the first representative photograph in this line was on display in Paris at GESTE 2018.
The question of the visual connections that she observes in reality led her to comparative considerations of human light perception and processing with that of insects. Since then, she has been experimenting with different types of light and optical grids. Results of these experiments were on view in Venice as part of the Border Festival.
Inevitably, the experiments also led to an examination of the structure of space. She questions her observations on the formation of space in the fluid through the comparative analyses with scientific publications on this topic. Historical patterns give her inspiration for her own geometricizations of the complex relationships. In parallel, with the photographic visualization she is working on a spatial model. A tiny spatial differential and its integration into more complex contexts is her current object of study. Her Intention is, from the study of the associated properties, to build an energy model to explain the properties and nature of light. First photographic works in this context are currently shown at Rossocinabro gallery in Rome.
Advances in her work require the possibility of using more powerful computers and more direct exchange with scientists. Therefore, her current project is accompanied by geoscientists, among them representatives of GEOUNION ALFRED-WEGENER-STIFTUNG, and archaeologists.

Martina Lana


I am Martina Lana, I come from Rome, Italy. I started taking pictures on film in 2010, when my father gave me his Pentax MX from 1983, he was an amateur photographer when he was younger, so he taught me the basis of photography. I shot for six years with my analogic Pentax, then, in 2017, I bought a Canon EOS 700D, which is still my camera today. After going digital, I almost wanted to shoot only in black and white, inspired by the masters of the past. I studied History and Critics of Cinema at University and I think this influenced my vision in this way. I am trying to fully experience colour recently: a careful study of my equipment made me develop a totally different vision. I love art so much: I found myself unconsciously portraying people during my visits at the exhibitions. That’s the reason why in December 2017 I conceived an independent photography project I called Being Humart© – or about the fruition of art. I understood how human emotions and needs are the same from a long time ago, so we are “called” from a particular painting because we deeply understand what kind of feeling it carries: it’s like a reincarnation of a self-awareness that leaves signs in the artistic activity. We recognize our lost selves in the art we love: when this happens, a perfect harmony of shapes and colours comes out and we are able to see this great balance between the observer and the observed. None of the people I portray is aware I am taking pictures of them.

Franco Bonfiglio


Franco Bonfiglio was born in Brescia on December 27, 1951. Teacher of Italian literature and history, photographer by vocation and passion he began to take an interest in photography and audiovisual techniques in 1973 under the guidance of director Nuccio Ambrosino. He is the photographer of the “Europe Theater Award” for the latest editions.

Antonio Perrone


He has been a photographer for about 18 years and with the arrival of digital in photography, he began to discover new ways of doing photography. Besides being a photographer, Antonio is a university employee in the field of microwaves and remote sensing.
As a photographer he has received many awards ranging from prizes in important Italian and international competitions, to some printed publications in magazines of the photographic sector.
In his spare time, in addition to taking pictures, he manages a photography portal: where he shares ideas and photos with other enthusiasts. Since 2014 he has been President of a Photographic Club based in Tivoli (Rome).

Antonio Zarco


António is 29 years old. Born in Tomar, Portugal, a small town in size but big in Culture and History. It’s a town full of detail and one you can walk through easily. Having moved to Lisboa at 15, a much bigger and cosmopolitan city with even bigger history and details, the ever so observing young man developed his Eye for detail through the years. The variety of scenarios and of people were always fascinating, but most of all, the small and odd aspects that make things and situations unique are where he finds the magic. Only later in life, already a working man, was he introduced to photography. For about a year he had fun with an analogic 2nd hand Pentax, shooting without any other purpose than to keep kind memories dear to him or details he found singular. In late 2020, photography started to take a bigger part in his life, when he invested in another camera, this time digital. It was a humbling experience to understand how much about it he didn’t know and the start of a cycle of searching, studying and a lot of wandering through the streets of Lisbon, where he still lives.
António’s choices when pressing the button have everything to do with emotion. It’s a wide range selection, but specific at the same time. In his collection of photographs one can clearly notice the authors’ concerns, merged with the undeniable eye for the odd, eccentric and unique. The results are often definitive moments.

Lorenzo Paruccini


Lorenzo is twenty years old photographer based in Rome. He was born in Rome. He is studying the History of Art at “La Sapienza” University of Rome. He is studying History of Art in order to undertake the three-year course in the economics and management of our cultural heritage in the design and curation of art exhibitions. He is been taking photographs since the age of six using my father’s Nikon D80.
He exhibited his photos in the photographic exhibition “Italian Landscape, The infinite between enchantment and disfigurement” (Paesaggio Italiano,L’infinito tra Incanto e Sfregio) curated by Vittorio Sgarbi at the Civic Museum of Villa Colloredo Mels in Recanati in Italy from December 2019 to July 2020.
He was co-author in the project: “The link with history frees the imagination” (Il Legame con la Storia libera l’Immaginazione) with contribution by MIBACT and MIUR and in collaboration with the Liceo Classico Statale Ennio Quirino Visconti in Rome from June to November 2017, the artist-photographer Gea Casolaro and the curators and restorers Valeria Merlini and Daniela Storti.
He received a certificate issued by the MoMA having followed the online course of “Seeing Through Photographs” in 2020.
His dream is to be able to work in the field of conservation and enhancement of the artistic heritage from the management and promotional point of view.

Elina Jokipii


Born in Finland, studied at London College of Printing and Royal College of Art, lives and works in London and Helsinki. Has taught photography and contextual studies for several years and worked as an artist tutor on many community-based programmes.
Memory, reliving and re-enactment form an important part of my personal visual practice. I like to explore and retell stories that have been passed down, giving importance to events that I feel a connection to through the experience of others.
The series ‘Play at your own risk’ was inspired by a sign in an inner London playground where my children indeed have played at their own risk. Play can be seen through adult eyes as being full of danger and risk; it is seen as an anomaly in the human existence, something we grow out of very quickly as we get older. The chance to experience free play, so often recommended by many classic writers on childhood from Rousseau to Steiner, could itself be at risk of disappearing as the outside world in particular is seen as full of danger and threat by adults. My images attempt to evoke the sense of awe and wonder at the world being discovered and interpreted that playing creates and are also partly a visual lament at the inability to fully immerse oneself in that world as an adult. I have been privileged to be able to observe this world again through my children and I want to thank them for their collaboration on this series.

Ansje Visser


Photography is a form of meditation for me. Strolling around on your own and let you eye lead you is very relaxing and also exciting. Travel, nature, everyday life, underwater world and reflections are my favourite themes.
I organize photo walks, give photography lessons, teambuilding activities and photo coaching. I enjoy it very much when students go from just looking to seeing an interesting image during the lessons. Everything is photographable as long as you get an interesting angle.
I developed a coaching method for people through photography. It is like creative therapy. For example, I worked with a group of people with incipient dementia. They were so proud when we ended the photography course with and exhibition.
Writing is my other passion. I am an author of 6 children’s books, 1 poem book, 3 life stories and several photography books.
Between 2013 and 2021 I had 6 exhibitions and events of free work.
Creativity is essential in my life, a necessity. Besides my work as a photographer and writer I also work as coordinator for a health care organization in Amsterdam.

Anna Kunst


Capturing a fleeting expression on a person’s face tells a story with no words. It is human and timeless. Throughout Anna’s career as a professional photographer, it has been these moments that have inspired her the most, that have set her instincts in motion.
Anna Kunst is a Dutch photographer based in London who specialises in portraiture and people images, as well as nature and landscapes. With an early career in publishing and event management she honed her skills working with people at many levels, travelling all over Europe for her work. Her images have been exhibited and printed in various respected publications. She has also been extremely privileged to be working on the ‘Children of London’ book project for the last few years which helps raise much-needed funds for the Great Ormond Street Children’s hospital in London, the first copies of which are given to the Queen, the Prime Minister and the Lord Mayor of London.

These portraits of Sir David Attenborough were taken at the house of the great painter JMW Turner in Twickenham, London. It was a great moment for me personally to spend time him and to feel I captured part of the essence of the man, both pensive and laughing.

Barbara Teixeira


From Porto, Portugal, Bárbara Teixeira recently transferred to Lisbon to pursuit in a more profound way the knowledge about analog photography and it’s raw processes, currently studying in what was the first photography school from her country, Ar.Co Centro de Arte. The series presented try to convene in a discreet and metaphorical sense what family dynamics can appear to the eyes from those who live them internally. Pursuing a feeling of peacefulness while dealing with the heavy baggage of infinite time spent together exchanging thoughts and feelings that a lot of the times crash with each other. Actions and decisions many times unbalanced, unfinished, unsure.

Luciano Calvani


Photographer for more than 40 years. Fotomani founder amateur photographers’ association in Rome Italy. Specialised into portraits, street photography concerts and theatre, private and public events, action and movements photography, travel and journalism and social photography.
Author and digital photography and postproduction tutor for beginners and advanced levels with his workshop in Rome Italy.

Hsieh Wen


Hsieh Wen defines herself as a visual artist, her creative media combining fabric and film. She describes herself as “fascinated by all forms of beauty on the condition of its authenticity.” Authentic beauty, such as societal issues, gender issues, mental health issues and so on, have often become her inspiration. Wen aims to persuade audiences to reconsider authenticity and face what’s happening in the world through my images and films.

Rashmi Bagvatisancar


Born in India and now a British citizen.
An enthusiast and hobbyist just to capture special moments is now a professional photographer. Mainly focused on events, weddings and a portraiture.
(As it’s been the year of many challenges and changes I have ventured into street photography especially since there were no events or portraits).
At this exhibition I present two photographs. The first is called ‘In the Circle’. Given our current situation it depicts the global crisis of going in and out of the red zone. The technique used is simply the fast shutter speed and captured the right moment.
The second photograph is called ‘Dreaming’. Remembering the past and dreaming of the world without a mask, without the pandemic. The technique used here is of higher ISO and captured the right moment.

Rick Cordell


Rick Cordell is a photographer and teacher. He has worked as a freelance photographer in the editorial and corporate genres specializing in portraiture.
In 2003 he studied on a course in Digital Origination at LCC, (University of the Arts London). On completion, he was invited to return as an Associate Lecturer. He taught for some years on the BA (Hon) Magazine Publishing course and continues to teach Indesign for the LCC Short Course program.
During this period he completed his MA Photography and as a result of his research into decay he photographed the Dahlia Decay series.

Maurizio Cecchini


Maurizio Cecchini is an Italian London based photographer whose work in worldwide locations has produced striking and revealing landscape photographs set in Asia, The Americas and Europe and Scotland.
Maurizio has returned from exhibiting his work in Bologna and Rome – Italy, where his series of photographs around Traditional Fairy Tales and Religious subjects references classical painting in its composition. However, set in a contemporary context they subvert expectation.

Stefania Rosiello


Borns in Rome in 1977. She approaches photography as an art form in adulthood. From 2013 she began to experiment with photographic techniques such as light painting and double exposure. At first using herself as the only subject and taking in the intimacy of her apartment. In this period photography has represented for her a form of catharsis that has helped her to overcome inner barriers that have “suffocated” her for years.
Thus, laying bare the most intimate parts of his inner self.
In July 2015 she decided to get involved and exhibited some of her photos at the Flyer Art Gallery in Rome. Solo exhibition: 2015 “I against I” at Pollino Festival in Buonvicino (Cosenza – Italy); 2017 “Fairytale in New York” at the Secret Garden in Rome. She has exhibited in several group exhibitions in Rome, Malaga, Basel, London, Copenhagen and New York.